The Greatest Hijack of All Time !

Dear Consumers of the 21st century… I would like to personally thank you for entrusting Apple with all of your personal information as well as investing so much into the conglomerate making it an easy target for our diabolical mission to poison the apple.

November 22nd 2026 is the day I’m sure many of you remember… the Apple iOS11-2.6 was released (aka our embedded bug) It is time for the credit to be credited where it is rightfully due… to Me, the 909 team and of course our commander 909 Erwood. Yupp, that was us, we are the hackers... just wanted to post that for starters

!!!! We will never reveal our true identity or our current location

here is how our plotting of past 5 years for the sucsess of this mission all went down in a matter of just a couple of hours… one slip up and the whole thing would have been a bust